Cargo plane slid runway before takeoff at JIA

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

A cargo plane loaded with logistics at Juba International Airport supposedly destined for Malakal and Maban in Upper Nile State on Friday survived a crush as it slid off the runway before takeoff.

Kur Kuol the Director General of Juba International Airport (JIA), confirmed the incident to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Friday afternoon.

He said the cargo plane had slid off the runway when it was about to takeoff from Juba International Airport on Friday morning, flying to Maban enroute Malakal in Upper Nile State.

The Cargo plane was to fly to Malakal then to Maban of Upper Nile State while carrying Logistic.

The slid off interrupted the flight leaving the company with no any other option but to book another plane to transport the logistics.

Kuol told No.1 Citizens Newspaper that there were no casualties registered as a result of the slide off. He said the plane had only three crew members on board and all emerged out safe without any injuries.

 “There were no causalities, it was cargo plane, which was about to fly to Malakal and Maban, taking some logistics, the Company name was, S-co and the name of the company who is having the plane is I-con, there were only three people on board, the Pilot and Co-pilot and then the Engineer,” he stated.

“This were the only people on the Plane and even the Plane did not take off, it has just slide, to the bush a little, no damage in the plane even the Cargo that were there are okay, the company will get another plane to take the logistic to Malakal or Maban, it’s a normal thing,” He noted.

Kuol stated that an investigation team from the board within the airport called ‘Accident Incident Investigation’ has taken up the matter. However, the Director General of Juba International Airport didn’t specify for how long the investigation will last.

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