Court martial sentences 3 soldiers to five year imprisonment over murder

Courtesy Photo of a court ruling symbol

By Bida Elly David

A Military Court martial in Unity State, Bentiu has sentenced three soldiers to five years imprisonment after stripping off their ranks and dismissed  from military services for being found guilty of murdering  two police officers in Leer County.

The final verdict was passed on Friday proving the trio guilty after several hearings were made by the court tribunals following the murder of two police Men in March.

In March the two slain police officers were killed as the trio who were convicted were undertaking peace keeping training at Muom of Leer County. In a due course of time, the three overmastered Leer with destruction resulting to the murder of the departed.

The long-awaited results have created anger, havoc and discontentment to the families of the deceased as they were planning for revenge if the court verdict was going to favor the convicts.

In a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the military court on Friday found the three soldiers guilty of murdering police officers; Capt. William Nyuon Jany and Sergeant Majak Thian, after the final ruling and penalized them with a five-year jail term and over 50 heads of cattle each.

Furthermore, the three soldiers received surprised demotions with immediate effects to civil ranks without any compromise neither from the family members nor from friends.

The trio Col.Gatluak Dieng, Capt Kerbino Ruai and Ruai Gatkuoth were also fined to pay 51 heads of cows each as blood reparation for the victims.

Retorting to the judgment, a sibling to the departed William Nyoun Jany uttered displeasure against the court ruling charging each soldier to pay 51 heads of cattle as blood compensation.

The sibling said, the penalty should have 100 cows each since they deceased were killed by gun.

“Honestly we are not contented with the charges against the convicts over these 51 cows to be paid as blood compensation. Since they were killed by gun, we would rather suggest 100 Hundred heads of cattle instead this little. We are happy with the five years sentence to prison but not the blood compensation” he disagreed with the ruling.

Meanwhile before the verdict was passed, both families of the murdered police officers demanded death sentence as a reward to the perpetrators a demand which was turned down by the court martial.

Finally, the 3 are going to serve five years imprisonment accompanied by the charges without any pity and compensation based on the final court ruling.

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