KCB manager detained over sexual harassment charges

Entrance of Kenyan Commercial Bank (photo: courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

The manager of Kenyan Commercial Bank (KCB)’s Juba branch, Roba Waqo is now under police detention over alleged sexual harassment charges labeled against him by his former female employee.

This came after complainant – Bahijah Beatrice, a former Information Technology Manager, filed a case against her former boss after she allegedly encountered harassment incident from him.

Maj-Gen. Daniel Justin, the Police Spokesperson confirmed the arrest, asserting that the KCB manager had willfully reported himself to police and he is being investigated on the counts brought against him.

“The complainant opened sexual harassment case in Northern division police station and the investigator got her statement along with the witnesses’ and she also provided her evidence,” Maj-Gen. Justin said.

“We did not arrest him yesterday but instead today [Saturday] he came by himself to police, he is currently in custody under investigation,” the National Police Spokesperson confirmed.

Beatrice submitted her resignation to KCB Human Resource Manager on 25th May 2022 due to mistreatment, sexual harassment and unfriendly working environment she tolerated from her boss.

“I further endured following mistreatment over years in the hands of the managing director Mr. Roba Jaldesa, unwarranted sexual advances and harassment,” read part of resignation letter seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

Ms. Beatrice narrated that she was being forcefully transferred to KCB branch as a teller, and again she was denied year-end bounces and other benefits as a punishment over the matter of national staff grievances.

Eng. Mayen Deng Alier, a lawmaker at National Legislative Assembly, said KCB management has been mistreating national staff and frustrating them whenever they reached top position.

“When a South Sudanese rises in a rank and want to be in position whereby he can be a manager, he’s frustrated and by law we call it – constructive dismissal, you are frustrated so that you reign yourself and then they bring Kenyan,” Alier claimed.

“There is also a circular from Labour saying that all Human Resource Managers from all foreign banks must be South Sudanese as we speak there is a guy called Ronald Okero –  a Kenyan is the human resource manager at KCB,” he revealed.

MP Alier stressed that South Sudan is a country of law as such Labour Act, 2012 should be followed and implemented fully to give national staff their 80% rights plus other labour rights.

“Salary payment gets their list, people doing the same work – why are you paying one person $1000 and you are paying the other one $100, people should be treated equally,” he protested.

He also indicated that most foreigners are protected by some gov’t officials who are their godfathers, asserting that as legislators they will summon Ministers, Undersecretaries, and generals among others to sensitize them about the law.

Meanwhile, police spokesperson Daniel Justin added that the suspect is liable to bail pending investigation and the case file to be transferred to the court.

According to section 396 of South Sudan 2008 Panel Code Act, said whoever intentionally engage in sexual harassment commits an offense.

If found guilty, the culprit shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, liable to fine or both.

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