CARE International provides medical services to locals in Twic East

From Left to Right, Lab Technician Deng Aleer, Dr. Chol Leek Deng, Director of CHD, Dr. David Ayiik Deng Riak, CINA Project Health Officer

By Deng Kooch Diing

Care International organization is providing medical services to inhabitants of Twic East County highland of Jonglei State who have been affected by the downpour.  

The organization charged with the provision of medical services in Twic East is currently in Biothagaany, and it is expected to switch to Ayeth-Gak, then to Pannhial and all other highly populated areas in Ajuong and Pakeer Payam.

This mobile treatment is a time-being approach, but the County would establish a referral hospital in the near future to cater for the population living in Twic East highlands.

Besides, Care International said MDM, another medical Organization is expected to take up medical provision to the highland’s inhabitants of Ajuong and Pakeer by September.

In the meantime, CARE International will cover the whole Twic East including highlands of Ajuong and Pakeer which were designated for MDM.

Meanwhile, Dr. David Ayiik Deng on his part said that public health issues are still a challenge since there are no clean drinking water and no Latrine.

He said that absent of such hygienic property makes life difficult for population living along the Nile.

He stated that this would make them to be on high risk of getting water borne diseases such as Cholera, Bilharzia and etc.

I therefore appeal to NGOs and well-wishers to help in provision of mobile Latrines as there is no spaces on the highland for digging pit Latrines.

I would also want to encourage residence of Toc to initiates water purification, through boiling, use of water guard and filtration.

Women at Child bearing ages also found it hard to access some hygiene kits as required by their ages. Other hygienic detergents like soaps and sanitary pads.

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