Fishermen pleas for capacity building

Above: Desert Skies view of Twic East Highland in this photo taken in Biothagaany

By Deng Kooch Diing

Local fishermen of Twic East County are appealing to government and partners to provide them with capacity buildings in modern fishing methods.

The Head of County fisheries department, Joseph Ajok Reech said that there is a need to establish permanent and modern methods of fish preservation.

Commercial fisheries relied on drying, salting and smoking as the only means of preservation to prevent fishes from rotting.

Mr. Reech said that the fisheries department appealed to humanitarian partners and the diaspora to help in building the capacity of 5 fisheries groups ABCDE in Toc.

Group A is stationed at Ziam Ziam, Group B at Ayeth-Gak, Group C at Biothagany, Group D at Pannhial and Group E IS at Bur-dut.

Each of these groups comprised of 150 fishermen trained in 2018 by the County department of fisheries.

There have been active commercial town activities also existed in Toc Highlands such as baking of flour, adding on to pre-existed commercial fishing.

Meanwhile, business women complained of the soring market prices. The women of the highland said they find it hard to purchase wheat flour from commercial centers in Bor and Juba to run their businesses.

Mr. Ajok added that both the state and the county benefited from the revenues collected once they transport their fishes to Markets and Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC.

The State government gets 20% of all the revenues collected, the department of fisheries with 20% and the remaining 60% goes to the County.

The County Commissioner ended his weeklong tour in Bur-dut where he inaugurated the last School that will cover all the Highlands under Ajuong Payam.

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