Twic East Commissioner inaugurates 4 Primary Schools in Toc Highlands

Pupils in a classroom at Pannhial Primary School Getty image

By Deng Kooch Diing

Twic East Highlands – The Commissioner of Twic East County Hon. Deng Mabeny Kuot has inaugurated 4 Primary Schools in Twic East Highlands for the population inhabiting the East Bank of the Nile River.

The four inaugurated Primary Schools, Ayeth-Gak, Biothagaany, Pannhial and Bur-Dut would add to the already existing Ziam-Ziam Primary School.

 Ziam Ziam Primary school existed as a combination of both initiated basic School part of Commissioner’s Initiative, and Patiou Primary School on an emergency relocation to Ziam-Ziam main port after a devastating flood.

County authorities that accompanied the Commissioner to Toch Highlands include: the Director of County Health Department (CHD) Dr. Chol Leek Deng, Panyagoor Town Mayor Atem Bul, and the CA of Toch Diing Bior Ajak among other dignitaries.

The team after opening each of the four Primary Schools also distributed some elementary learning equipment, books, exercise books, and pencils to the four Primary Schools opened in Twic East Highlands.

Gov’t distributes Scholastic materials distributed to newly established schools

Students waving at the commissioner after receiving their text books, exercises and Pencils

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