Bedouin Hotel killing; victim’s family demand justice

By Akol Madut Ngong

The family of late Rebecca Anyon Kot Kuany Jok who was killed in Bedouin Hotel Lounge in Juba on 15th June 2022 called for justice to prevail upon the case of their slain daughter.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Monday, 27th June 2022 in Juba during the funeral rite, Brigadier General Makur Beech said the death of their daughter, late Rebecca Anyon is too painful and it needs government to speed up the investigation.

Brig. Gen. Makur assured government and the public that there will be no revenge towards the family of the culprit who killed their daughter by the claim husband.

 He said they are still waiting the response from government on how they will settle the case of their daughter late Anyon.

 The Brig. Gen. reiterated a call for immediate justice to be served in order to rescue the situation of the family of late Rebecca.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary in the National Ministry of Health Dr. Victoria Anib Majur Achut called on government officials and entire population in the country to denounce gender based violence. She said there is high death rate among women in the country, who died in brutality.

She noted that within this month of June, two women were killed in Juba by their loved ones on the dispute of their marriages.

The Undersecretary appealed to government to make immediate intervention on the brutal acts of men against their women.

Dr. Anib was speaking on Monday during the funeral prayers of late Rebecca Anyon Kot Kuany in Juba.

 Late Rebecca Anyon was killed at the age of 32 in Juba on Wednesday, 15th June 2022 along with a suspected lover in Bedouin Hotel. She was born on 20th July 1989 at Itang in Ethiopia to the late Kot Kuany Jok and late Mary Nyibol Mapuor. She attained her education at Napata Secondary School in Kakuma refugee settlement in Kenya.

According to biography of the late Rebecca Anyon Kot read by her brother Dhuor, the father of the late Anyon Kot from Ciec in Yirol of lake state and her late mother Mrs Mary Nyibol Mapuor from Rumbek East, Duur section of Lakes state.

The late Anyon was the fifth born of thirteen(13) children, four preceded her in death; Amel Kot, Awer Kot, Akurai Kot, Bang Kot, Emmanuel Kot, Akol Kot, Makuei Kot, Achinthiec Kot, David Kot, Monica Kot and Joseph Kot.

The late Rebecca Anyon Kot was blessed with three children, live to cherish a loving memory of her three children: Deng Anyon, Chom Anyon and Nyankiir Anyon.

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