Delays in security arrangements fuel ethnic violence-Activist

Edmund Yakani, CEPO Executive Director-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

A civil society Activist has hinted that the continuous delays and stalling of the security arrangements’ implementation especially the graduation of the unified forces has caused and contributed to the on-going communal violence in the country.

Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community empowerment for Progress Organization told No.1.Citizen Daily Newspaper that the random killings and attacks among herders happened due to lack of seriousness from the authority.

“The delay for the security arrangement and graduation of the unified forces has contributed to the breakdown of the country to this ethnic violence. I learned that tomorrow the government is going to discuss about the graduation of the Unified forces’’ he said.

He called on the Presidency under the agreement to deliberate on the speedy implementation of the security arrangement to pave ways towards mitigating the on-going calamities in some parts of the country.

“I am calling for the presidency under the revitalized agreement as a mechanism to discuss the reasons for the delay over the graduation of the unified forces. The eruption of the communal violence where many people lost lives and displaced was due to these series of delays for the graduation of the unified command’’ Yakani argued.

The activist pointed out that the available soldiers in the States have lost strength and potential in preventing the continuous calamities in the Country thus, leaving many dead and displaced on daily routine.

“The armed forces are no longer having the strength to prevent these ethnic communal violence as seen from the incident that happened in Tonj where we have lost 18 military soldiers if the unified forces could have been graduated, they would have strengthened the presence of the States institutions in providing safety and security to communities” Yakani underlined.

He however, noted that with this continuous delays of the graduation, most police officers and soldiers have deserted the profession resulting to rampant insecurity

“Since all soldiers and police were taken to the graduation site, there is no sufficient security in most of the places in the County. The presidency should seriously discuss and speed up the piled up soldiers who remained hanging at the training zone for unification’ the CEPO’s Executive Director appealed.

“Due to the stalling of the graduation of the unified forces, most of them (soldiers) have joined the community living civilian life and abandoned the professional working force of security and defense to really prevent community from clashes is no longer there and I feel it is the responsibility of the presidency to restore the faith of the lost hope from the soldiers by speeding up the process’’ he jagged.

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