Since charity begins at home, parents ensure that your children receive quality education

With the country celebrating her 11th year of independence very soon, the government is lobbying for the provision of equal access to quality education for all children in the country; especially the special children living with disabilities who are clearly still being marginalized in this aspect.

According to the government, “over two million persons with disabilities are out of schools,” a big number given the country’s 34.52% of literates and being one of the countries with the lowest literacy rate. With parental negligence, poverty, civil wars and conflicts being the core causes of this alarming number of the nation’s future being out of school and lacking educational knowledge, it is very risky for a nation that has only made a decade as a sovereign state in this ever-evolving world.

Among the strategies that the education ministry has put forward, a lot is needed from the parents to give children their right to education. “We need to support the children with special needs since they are part and partial of the society hindered by natural and environmental hazards. We need to educate, medicate and feed them with much care and attention”.  

The lack of technical people specialized in training them is robbing quality education for these children. Since Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 states quality for all, let the government; global campaign aimed at removing barriers that stand between millions of conflicts affected children, and improving quality education, especially to those with special needs.

Having funding and donors is one thing but having the parents/guardians – the whole community to enroll their children leaving not behind those with special needs.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world – and it is the great engine of personal development”.

Having a person who has developed will equally lead to a developed nation.

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