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Soldieries should protect civilians, end committing Crimes

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The general military court martial established in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State on Monday convicted 20 Soldiers particularly government soldiers SSPDF, found guilty of committing different crimes in the country such as Murder, rape and looting properties of civilians. this is assigned of disrespect to the country by its soldier’s behaviors.

The South Sudan People’s Defense Force all this time are the one committing crimes in the country in all the states where attacks have been taking place because they don’t have respect for their leaders and even the civilians. Instead of taking care of the country, they are just there doing their own things, spoiling the name of government.

In this case, it means that the country is in its own without soldiers to protect.  Yet few among them spoiled the SSPDF. This is not the first time to hear such incident, in 2020 the same incident happens in Yei around 21 SSPDF soldiers were convicted of such crimes, where by some of them were sentence to 5 years, 4 years according to the crimes they committed. The question is, if now the government soldiers are the one committing such kind of crimes, who will be there to protect the country?

Since politician disagree on positions, they rival and took the country back to war in 2013-2016, it has spoiled the country; it also made the soldiers who remain in the bushes going around causing insecurity and up to now the country have not yet stabilized its economy. Now here there is no difference why South Sudan separated from the Sudan government  

When South Sudan got its CPA in 2005 it was really a real happiness where by all south Sudanese from diaspora and within were happy in which most  people fall into Agriculture and were not  having demands from the UN donations because people were cultivating different types of food and fruits in the country firms are accessible and even transporting the produce to Juba Capital and also there was low demand form the foreign country up to the Independence in July 9, 2011 citizens were happy because they only look for money for buying shop, oil and exchanging diet since the country is free from the Sudan Government racism and other humiliation but Now it a clear eye wittiness that some SSPDF are not worth to care for the civilian lives. Simply because the they have taken the law in to their hands. Because even when taken to prison they are release before finishing their terms. The lives of Civilian are in Danger with this act of rape looting and Murder.

Why are the politicians not progressing in the implementation of the peace and sat the country free from the issue of insecurity, Builds roads for easy tracking of the victims?

I appeal to the government to eliminate all the wrong dowers who are spoiling the Name of the standing government and to set citizen free from such act of rape, murder and insecurity in the country and it is not yet too late to remove them from their positions and because they are spoiler of peace, we know all our leaders to predict is hard.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be Right There!

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