Warrap Parliament to investigate Tonj North clashes

The Speaker of Warrap State Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kuec Deng Mayar and members of August House during press conference (photo: Governor Press Unit)

By William Madouk Garang

The Reconstituted Transitional Legislative Assembly in Warrap State has pledged to dispatch security and peace fact-finding committee to probe Tonj North clashes in restive Warrap State area.

Their pledge followed the deadly violence which erupted last Saturday in Rual-bet Payam after soldiers chased armed youths accused of raiding 125 heads of cattle from Alick Payam of Tonj North County.

Minister of Information in Warrap State, Riing Deng Adiing has confirmed that 18 soldiers from disarmament forces and 7 armed youths were killed while exchanging fire that continued till Sunday.

During the press conference on Wednesday, the Speaker of Warrap State Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kuec Deng Mayar condemned the recent clashes and assured that they will send investigative-team to find out what transpired.

“After we learnt the barbaric action that took place in Rual-bet Payam of Tonj North County on the 25, June, 2022 recently, the State assembly leadership sat to condemn in strongest term possible, the action of armed youth towards SSPDF forces who were on national duty,” Mayar said.

“Hence, Warrap State Reconstituted Legislative Assembly will dispatch as soon as possible the security and peace committee to the ground for fact-finding mission after the situation subsides,” he continued.

The Warrap August House called on armed youths and civilians to work together with disarmament forces in the course of executing their duties as national army.

He also called on SSPDF forces to cooperate with civilians during the disarmament exercise, adding that excessive force should not be used against armed civilians.

The State’s assembly said as representatives of people, they regret lives lost from both side during the senseless fighting between armed youth and South Sudan People Defense Forces.

They also called on State and National government to intervene in order to rescue the situation the people in Warrap.

However, the Acting Commissioner of Tonj North County, Bak Ajuot told media earlier that there were numbers of SSPDF bodies lying scattered in bushes, adding that he was only aware of 14 SSPDF soldiers who were killed.

Unconfirmed information revealed that among soldiers killed included Lt-Col Akec Ciman, the military chief of intelligence Division 11, Maj Santino Kuot Kuotdit –SSPDF Division 11 chief for operation and Kuol Agok, the ex-Mayen-jur County Commissioner.

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