Kajo-Keji incidents: committee tenders finding to governor

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Ad-hoc committee tasked through gubernatorial order to spearhead independent investigations into Kajo-Keji heinous acts of killing has tendered its comprehensive findings to Central Equatoria State’s governor yesterday.

Speaking during the submission meeting, governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony has assured the committee and the general public that his government is ready to expedite the process and commencement of military justice proceeding.

The governor said he and his government will do their best to make sure that culprits are brought to book for population to instill trust and confidence in the government.

However, the deputy chairperson of the investigative committee, Maj. Gen. Abednego Akol said the committee has briefed the governor and handed the details of the findings to him.

“The high-level committee form by governor to go and investigate the incident of Kajo-keji, the cause of killing one SSPDF soldier and three civilians, we have just brief him and we have compiled with the board and the details is already in the hand of the governor, that is why we are coming here to inform the public that we have completed the mission correctly and peaceful,” he said.

In addition, the press secretary in the office of the governor Derick Derrickson said the governor has assured the committee of his government’s political will to make sure immediate action is taken.

“This morning (yesterday) his Excellency the governor received the committee that investigated the Kajo-Keji incident which led to the loss of a soldier and three civilians; the committee briefed the leadership on their comprehensive findings, which his Excellency Emmanuel Adil assured them of his government political will,” he said.

He said that to ensure that immediate action is taken as per this incident, justice will be given or will be serve to the families of these people who died in Kajo Keji.

Nevertheless, the spokesperson in governor’s office said that governor has commented the committee for their intervention into the finding, and encouraged them that the leadership will continue engaging other relevant authorities to see to it that, they recommend and their observations are taken into immediate action.

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