Swedish Envoy upset with underdevelopment, needs reform

Head of Mission of the Embassy of Sweden to South Sudan Joachim Waern during the opening session of a two day workshop on the constitution making process from gender prospective/Photo: Jennifer Nyiling

By Adia Jildo

The Head of Mission of Swedish Embassy in Juba, Joachim Waern has expressed his disappointment and failure to see development taking shape in South Sudan despite getting support.

“It’s sad to say we don’t see any progress in development that we hoped for. We are still waiting for necessary reforms for peace, economy and social development, gender equality and a free, fair and democratic election,” Joachim said.

Joachim was addressing the workshop aimed at sensitizing members of the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-NTLA) on the constitution making process from a gender perspective.

The Swedish top diplomat in Juba said the President, the government; the parliament is alternatively responsible to make sure that necessary development happens.

He called on the government to involve women to actively participate in development citing that positive outcomes has been seen in other countries where women are involved in constitution making process, peace and economy reform.

The Ambassador said that in South Sudan women should play a much more active part in development of the country certainly when it comes to development, peace building, and constitution making process, social welfare, education and economy.

He has urged women parliamentarians to advocate for, and implement necessary reforms regarding gender equality by taking necessary steps to put an end to day-to-day gender-based violence in the country.

“You have the power also to make reforms through consulting women taking greater part on real democratic economic and peace building process in South Sudan,” he said.

Joachim said the government has responsibility to amend policies that protect and support the right as well as giving equal opportunity for women for a positive outcome.

“Your work in the parliament should be and can be a game changer for this country. Through your work in the parliament, constitution and laws, you can decide that women and girls should have as equal opportunity in South Sudan as men and boys,” he stated.

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