Experts are what we are now waiting for to dredge or not to

Continuing from yesterday’s “to drain or not to drain” a conflict that has not left the country the same from the time that the secretive agreement between the government and Egypt came to light after dredging equipment accepted in Unity state was seen by locals, reported and brought news that tore the government into the antagonists and protagonists and the ones – from the office of the President; who were on neither side but strictly rejecting knowledge of the fact the country’s flood plains were going to be tampered with. 

The Cabinet in yesterday’s sitting decided to refer this rather complex issue to experts, both foreign and local ones to guide the country on what to do instead of making a grave mistake that will cripple the country for decades. It stated:

“For the experts who are coming one is a Canadian, one is coming from Oxford University and one is coming from America and this is in addition to our local experts here – these are all the experts who will be sitting and discussing from a scientific point of view not from layman’s point of view”.

As we wait for the sitting of the experts yet to come, here are solutions stated from George Monbiot a writer on environmental matters; “making the flood plains rougher by planting trees and other deep vegetation to help hold back the water – lowering the banks and re-canalizing the upper reaches, allowing the river once more to create meanders; which produce results although not instant but they are distinguished from dredging”.   

Dredging is primarily a tool for improving navigation and once you have started dredging, it must be repeated after every extreme flood.

The cabinet continued to warn the people of concluding without prior knowledge on the actual dredging topic.

“However, it’s observed that there are some many public civil servants and public are just overreacting on issues which are not clear to them, so people are advised to refrain from jumping into the unknown”.

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