First Auto show kicks off in Juba

By Adia Jildo

The first edition of Juba car show to kick off on the 2nd to the 3rd July showing brands of cars, show casing different business and giving a platform for car lover to interact with authentic car dealers and much more.              

According to the Juba Auto Show Funder  Yanga Victor, said the auto show will help dealers reach their potential customers as well as customers knowing more about their dream cars, how to get and manage cars.

 “We want to give opportunity for the auto dealers and those who loves cars to come and be able to share business ideas of what they have, It a very unique event that has never happened,” he said.

Yanga stressed out that the show has created over thousands of jobs as the work force put will heavily gain from the show as the auto show will show case a variety of businesses as well.

“We have around 15 ventures and we have given them the opportunity to show case their talents, products free of charge. They will be a lot of marketing,” he said.

He said the event brings a lifestyle as Juba is into Car business yet suffers from wrong dealers and lack knowledge on the type of cars to buy for whatever reason.

“We have brought something new that the young people, business people can network with,” he said.

Dr. Daniel Madit Thon Managing Director for Harmony Medical Centre said the show is an entrepreneur show that brings innovative ideas for most people as a lot of service such as health, arts and crafts, entertainment and so much will take place at the event.

“We are meant to improve the quality of health services especially in the country, South Sudan,” he cited.

He said there is a lot of economic benefits of the show are a lot of money and effort has been put to deliver quality services.

He called on partners to support young innovators and brilliant ideas for the positive development of the country.

The Head of Programs of Trinity Mariam Dangasuk said provision of quality products such as lops for cars has helped into the development of the country as good service delivery has given out a positive outcomes hence taxes.

“Our growth remains to support of the community. We have been committing to supply good products,” she continued “We have invested heavily to ensure that we provide all our customers with quality products. Quality is everything we do from our customer service to the fuel we provide along Juba.”

Mariam said their commitment to supply quality products will continue being maintained in provision of products and services.

Talip Juma the Managing Director of Bros group of companies said the first ever Juba auto show will give a platform to advertise and market much products beyond the auto show.

“It’s more of our engagement to advertise you but also to market our selves. The Juba auto show gave us a portfolio to come and expose a verity of pours engagement in the current economic currency,” he emphasized.

He said the love for cars in South Sudan (Juba) has left many fall into traps of wrong dealers as well as not knowing how to make chooses of cars.

“We have been seeing the latest car around built what is inside is what we are going to give. It’s not only about the cars, we are looking at the giving a conducive environment for socializing and meeting,” he said.

Tulip called out to the people to show up and see what is showcased on the 2 day event.

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