Egypt invites President Kiir for climate change conference

President Salva Kiir and Moatez Mostafa during the meeting-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The Arab Republic of Egypt has over the weekend invited South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit to attend a climate change conference scheduled for November this year.

The invitation from Egyptian President Abdal Fattah Al Sisi was extended to President Salva Kiir during a meeting in his office with the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to South Sudan over the weekend.

The government of South Sudan and the Egyptian government have been annexed with historical bilateral ties that have been existing for many years.

The two Countries have participated in very many agreements and recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the commencement of the dredging project aimed at cleaning the Nile and its tributaries to ease water transport and ensure consumption of clean water by the citizens.

Being cooperate countries towards economic initiatives and projects, the Arab Republic of Egypt developed a concern on South Sudan climatic change and its management and for this reason, November has been organized and set to educate Presidents and other stakeholders on the impacts of climate change to the eco-system and how much it contributes towards development.

The meeting was attended by number of high ranking officials from both Countries who discussed and brainstormed on developmental strategies to be carried by the two Countries concluded with recommendations.

Speaking during the meeting, Moatez Mostafa, the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan said that the climate change conference would enhance South Sudan to control and find ways to control climatic hazards that hindered the environment and cause pollution.

He said climate is a natural and delicate matter that can cause harm to both people and animals if not managed well with this, the conference will inform Countries with mechanism through which those hazards can be controlled to set people and animals free from pollution and death.

The two countries further discussed ways of strengthening the economic ties between them and how they could engage into various sectors for the development of the two nations.

On his part, President Salva Kiir commended the Egyptian Ambassador for having paid him the courtesy visit and promised to attend the conference as scheduled to be attended by several heads of States and governments.

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