Governor Lobong addresses Organized Forces ahead of Independence celebration

By Ijoo Bosco

The Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Lt. Gen. Louis Lobong Lojore has called on the military and other organized forces to be steadfast in taking civil and security responsibilities as mandated by the constitution.

Governor Lobong was addressing a military parade a head of the country’s 11th independence anniversary which will be celebrated on the 9th of July 2022.

Eastern Equatoria State government had reportedly put all necessary plans to commemorate the country’s 11th anniversary following a cabinet decision to have rotational celebrations across all the counties in the State.

He said the government is working on improving the welfare of the discipline forces to enable them perform their duties in an effective manner.

The Governor said the nation was passing through a time of great need for cohesion, peace and unity, commending the “resilience and steadfastness of members of the organized forces for their professionalism and bravery in tackling the menace of insecurity.

Eastern Equatoria State will celebrate the Independence Day in Magwi County which officials say will be rotational to the eight counties of the State.

“I great you all today, and I have two things to share with you, one I need to thank you all the organized forces in Eastern Equatoria State for all the challenges you have gone through but stood in your duty and maintain the security of this State, thank you very much, this is a true nationalist who stand to defense his country in a uniform you put on comrade” Lobong lauded the soldiers.

“We need to join our hands together to move and change the development and bring total peace together with you, let’s not put blame or wait for the presidency or the governor to meet your unending needs” Lobong appealed to the men and women in uniform.

The Governor hinted that July 9th is a day of independence that’s all about their pride struggle for liberty a day of their liberation, as many have given their lives and children for the sake of this country.

“The question that reign upon us now is that we have brought peace and liberty, what are our contribution toward sustainability of this golden land that we are in now, there is need for us to single our own contribution to move this country forward” Governor Lobong emphasized.

The State governor encouraged the leadership of the organized forces in the State to establish farms in order to produce food locally. This, he said would help curb hunger among men and women in uniforms.

He promised that the government will hire tractors for the organized forces to cultivate their farms.

“If it means supporting you we can borrow or buy tractors to help you cultivate the land to feed your sector and serve your family though some you will sell to exchange diet” added Lobong.

“let’s put our houses together, we now hear from media and friends that some organized forces are cultivating in other State, why can we imitate and our land are more fertile than their regions” Lobong asserted.

“If some of you do follow the latest development, UN and our sisterly States of Kenya and Uganda have cut off food importation to South Sudan that means we have to get digging and till our own food to feed ourselves and the country” he reiterated.

Lobong stressed that they should avoid the issue of dependence among themselves as South Sudanese, arguing that their Country is gifted with abundant fertile land.

“Note that, we as a country are being blame for being lazy as if we cannot hold hoes or get tractors to plough our fertile land, we need to work hard and prove them wrong by cultivating hundreds of acre’s and one person needs to get a space of land for himself” the Governor challenged the organized forces.

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