Juba Auto Show: Entrepreneurs plea more business shows

By Adia Jildo

South Sudanese entrepreneurs who happened to showcase their business contents and creativity have called for more business trade shows to enable them show their innovations, sell ideas as well as meet with potential consumers.

The group of young South Sudanese owned companies urged a need for a bigger well planned trade show that would accommodate and give a platform for young innovators in the competitive market faced with inflation to gain grounds.

Sony Rehima the sales officer for Mech Energy Company Limited dealing in solar energy said the companies managed by young and innovative nationals should be prioritized as these gives ground for young innovators to come out and sell their ides.

Sony said most companies dealing in the country are foreign yet contributing less to the country’s development and safety of the environment.

“There is abundance of solar energy being a warm temperature. Solar is a green and clean energy that one can dump water yet again its cost effective,” she said.

The Mech Energy sales officer noted that the reliance of solar energy should be prioritized compared to fossil fuel adding its effect to the climate change.

“JEDCO sells a unit for about one dollar but solar is an investment that you will make once and you be in charge of your power and save more,” she hinted.

Florence Gordon Soro the craft manager of South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association said the presence of the auto show despite being a two-day event has helped them as people are made aware of their presence and what they do.

“We want this show to continue. I have seen the benefit. We have a lot to sell, our cultural things, food and body lotion and oil and much more that has to be known. We have our places but it’s not that open that all people can see it,” she cited

Florence said trends in business have changed as most of the products are now sold online or in the market which for other women is hard yet the provided platform has exposed their products to the outside market.

 “I was able to showcase my craft internationally like China, In East Africa more than 3 times and even in the other continent all because of craft. If it is repeated then we shall gain more too,” Florence noted.

She called on young girls and women whether illiterate or elite to join as creativity is one of the ways to survive through their creativeness.

“These young girls have taken phone too serious with nothing important in it. Even men need to be supported. You all have to contribute to the wellbeing of a home through working,” she continued “We have been into being doing business but things have changed. Women were to be nurses, teachers and home wives but we have known that business is important for everyone.”

She said the show has made her and her colleagues to be able to sell products such as cooking pot, oven made out of clay, beads, papyrus and woolen made products from South Sudan.

Florence said their target towards the youth is improving as young women were able to join the group and make a living through their hand craft.

Emily Peace one of the beneficiaries of the service of Harmony Medical service stressed the importance of good service delivery citing presence of health education that enables one know their fitness and health.

“One should know a lot about his or herself before it’s too late. Now services like this is given for free, why don’t you go and know more about your health,” she said.

“This show has done a very good thing which you will not get it anytime. We at times go to the hospital when it’s too late. It’s of benefit if you inform someone about his health than keeping quiet and there is no knowledge,” she underscored.

Meanwhile Martha Akoi Bor the marketing officer for Harmony Medical Centre emphasized on the need for people to frequently know their health for a better life.

“There people who even do not know that they might be having hypertension until its too late with all symptoms out which is dangerous”.

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