Pope Francis pardons South Sudan over alarming tragedies

Pope Francis, The head of the Catholic Church-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

Pope Francis in his video message to South Sudan over the weekend has communicated a consoling letter urging South Sudanese to maintain confidence and hope despite the alarming obstacles.

The message was delivered following his planned mission to deliberate on the on-going insecurities that have been affecting South Sudan and Congo leaving many citizens dead and displaced.

The had Vatican reported that Pope Francis’s failure to visit South Sudan and Congo was due to advice from his special medical doctor regarding his health status and the message left some Christians doubtful resulting to lose of hope after series of preparation.

He reiterated words of pity as South Sudan has been faced by many tragedies such as the current insecurity that led to death of many civilians and food insecurity that had left many citizens hungry.

“I carry you in my heart more than ever, I carry within me prayers, the pains that you have been living with for too long. Thinking of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo at the exploitation, violence and insecurities they suffer, especially the Eastern part of Congo where armed clashes continue causing much pain and horror, exacerbated by the indifference and discomfort of many. I think of South Sudan and the cry of peace for its people who have been exhausted by violence and poverty and await tangible truths of the National reconciliation process that I would like to attend’’ he said.

Pope in his encyclical urged the faithful of South Sudan and Congo to pray hard so that his coming would not be interrupted by his health as it had happened the other day.

“Let us not lose confidence as we shall meet soon. As you know, I had to leave for a peaceful and reconciliation pilgrimage visit to your lands. The Lord knows how sorry I am to be forced to postpone this much needed visit but let us not lose hope and faith as well as prepare to meet as soon as possible’’ He affirms.

He urged the citizens of the two countries to pray for peace as their leaders work towards restoring a peaceful environment for all.

“I want to tell you one thing. The tears you shed on earth and the prayers you raise to heaven are not in vain. God’s comfort will come because he has thoughts of peace but not evil. I bless you from the bottom of my heart and also request you to continue with your prayers’’ he conveyed his empathy.

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