Gov’t launches consultation on dredging project

By Taban Henry

The revitalized government of the Republic of South Sudan launched public consultation and fact-finding of river dredging project in Juba on Monday.

Chairperson of the committee, Akoc Akuei Manhiem was tasked by President Salva Kiir Mayardit to organize a public consultation on water management.

Mr. Akoc said that presidency has invited experts to lecture public on water resource management.

The public consultation and citizens awareness initiative seek to find solution on how to deal with Sudd wetlands, White Nile water resource development and management.

He said experts will lecture government and the public on water resource management and best options for flood control.

“The Presidency has invited a panel of both international and national experts with diverse knowledge and expertise to deliver an evidence-based analysis on proposed projects on White Nile, its tributaries and wetland,” he told press conference on Monday.

“The panel of the experts will facilitate the public discourse on best options for flood management system, water policies and implications of the approaches to the proposed dredging operations on tributaries of the White Nile,” he added.

Mr. Akuei also highlighted the pros and cons of resuming Jonglei Canal project, considering the effects of the large-scale hydro-climatic issues of the Sudd wetlands in South Sudan.

He said responding to issues of dredging is aggravated by the impact of climate change and its variability that manifested itself in dual problems of flood and drought over the past few years.

The Chairperson for public Consultation and Awareness committee on the Sudd and White Nile water resources development and management has called on the public to participate in the consultation and fact-findings event which will commence on 10-14 July 2022.

“This public consultation and fact-finding event will be opened to individual members of the public on July 10-12, 2022. Further, the expert will make their presentation to the legislature on July 13, 2022 and on the last day, July 14, 2022, the expert will present to the cabinet, at the freedom Hall in Juba, South Sudan,” he said.

However, Mr. Akuei revealed that the dredging equipment which arrived to Unity State a few weeks ago is mainly to address the mounting public concerns tempting the presidency to form a committee to foster the discourse.

 “I am urging you all to please come and raise your concerns and share your views on these critical issues that affects the survival of our citizens and has huge implications for our potential growth and viability,” he said.

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