Mayor warns traders to desist blame on city council over illegal tariffs

Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, City Council Mayor-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The authority of Juba City Council has cautioned traders over blames for rampant and illegal tax collections from their enterprises.

The City Council Mayor, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu has urged traders to refrain and cooperate with government.

Allah-Jabu made the remarks during a workshop on tax harmonization and reformation, organized by Central Equatoria State government on Monday.

Over the past weeks, domestic and foreign traders have showed signs of discontent as City Council executive officers from the tax unit dashed into their shops with gloomy faces collecting money without specific entitlement given to it.

The administrative officers who moved in group played same role demanding traders and charges them unnecessary fees accompanied by closure of shops once a trader doesn’t comply with the demands.

The act has created a non-conducive environment for running business entity in a right manner as well as triggering commodity prices to meet the costs.

Mr. Allah-Jabu has urged business people to desist from throwing blames on his administration, and called them to cooperate in case there are malpractices in the market.

He promised to work in harmony with the business and the trade Union to ensure that such matters presented are addressed in peace.

The mayor further said that city council is an organized entity that does its work with the help of law being the pillar and guidance on its activities.

“We need traders to stop blaming city Council over random taxes being collected by the tax unit and kindly cooperate with us in case there are such matters arising in such manner. We always do the right thing. Our officers cannot charge you if they have not seen any problem and what is collected is meant for delivering services to the citizens in return,” he said.

The official added that, the collection from business people would aid improve city infrastructures such as pavement of roads and bridges for easy facilitation of transport.

“There are many projects that we need to execute for the people through the taxes we collect from you. There are roads that need to be opened. There are also plans to expand markets for you and if we don’t collect the money, where do you think these services would come from for the development of the city. We need to work together to boost the economy,” he said.

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