SSBF suspense 2 secretaries for allegedly violating federation’s integrity

South Sudan Basketball Federation (SSBF) President Luol Deng (Courtesy/ Getty image /TK sports)

By Taban Henry

The President of the South Sudan Basket Ball Federation (SSBF) has on Monday suspended two officials for allegedly violating what they called as integrity of the federation.

Among the officials that were suspension included the Secretary General Mr. Marier Anyuat Angui and the finance secretary Mr. Deng Biar Deng who are said to be pending investigation

In a order issued on Monday the President of the South Sudan Basketball Federation Luol Ajou Deng said the officials submitted a fraudulent document to FIBA requesting full representation of South Sudan at the 2nd FIBA Africa Mid-Term General Assembly on March 31st 2022 without knowledge or an approval from the President of SSBF saying the team almost dis-qualified on more than one occasion.

“The Secretary General and Finance Secretary took a decision without the knowledge of the President to approach and hire staff and national team coaches in an effort to influence the trajectory of the teams.

The two executive board secretaries have made the decision to directly communicate with the then potential lead players of the South Sudan Women’s National Team to falsely share that the president does not intend to support the women’s team,” the statement read in part.

Ajou added that the SG without the knowledge of the president, insist on contacting the National team coaches saying that he threatened to ‘dismiss’ Coach Lindsey Harding from her current post as the Head Coach of the South Sudan Women’s National team without the knowledge of the President of SSBF.

“The SG continues to communicate instructions with top level FIBA officials without the knowledge of the President, which has caused concern on their part and can bring the whole Federation into international suspension both continentally and internationally. The Investigation Committee will launch an investigation for a period of fifteen (15) working days beginning immediately and will submit their findings to the Chairman of the committee by Monday, 25th of July 2022,” he stated.  

Ajou however mentioned that between October and November 2020, after some team members and delegation contracted COVID-19 virus on a trip to Cameroon, the president asked the SG to lead those who tested negative after the competition to travel and isolate in Kenya, ignoring the directive from the president.

In a similar note Ajou further appointed Dr. Arou Ramadan Chan as SSBF’s Deputy Secretary General (SG) and Ms. Josephina Francis Chol Lang as the Deputy Finance Secretary (FS in order to oversee the daily activities of the SSBF administrative staff to ensure that it is run efficiently, well organized and properly constituted in line with SSBF requirements that Shall ensure the proper implementation of the policy and decisions of the Executive, Manage the plan and delivery of the Federation’s established national programs and activities as well as actively seeking out and promoting initiatives that improves and maximize efficiency and make best use of resources 

“Working with and reporting directly to the vice president and the Deputy Secretary General, the deputy Finance Secretary shall: Generate revenues through sponsorship, improve budgeting process, supervise and monitor the financial management and to ensure implementation of the policy and decisions of the Executive,” Ajou further added.

The deputy secretary of finance shall set up all the required financial controls for SSBF including payroll, cash flow projections and reports including control the financial administration of SSBF. 

“Supervise the incomes and expenses and administer all SSBF finances.   d) Establish a financial report and audited accounts e) Record the revenue generated from participation fees, gate collections, and licensing etc. These roles are essentials to the advancement of the work of SSBF in country and in maintain professional communications with international and national entities,” he clarified.

The president of the South Sudan Basketball Federation describe Arou and Josephina as wealth of knowledge, understanding and discipline to their perspective roles citing that they are eager to assume their roles, have great ideas on what is needed to make a huge impact to South Sudan Basketball.  

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