Humanitarian vehicle looted along Chuhudum camp 15 highway

By Ijoo Bosco

Authority in Budi County of Eastern Equatoria State said a vehicle belonging to the Caritas Luxembourg organization was looted along Chuhudum camp 15 over the weekend.

Lokiru Raphael, the executive director of Homiri Payam of Budi County confirmed the incident saying it happened at Ngarera Boma of Homiri Payam on Saturday at around 2 pm when the staff of the NGO were going to do assessment activities in Ngarich Boma.

According to him, the attackers were well armed and putting on civilian cloths when they stopped the vehicle at gun point and everyone stripped naked.

He said the survivors of the ambush did not mentioned what items were exactly taken from them by the bandits but they said all their belongings were looted including phones.

Official said the government sent the organized forces on the ground to follow the footmarks and to bring the detail of the attackers.

”It is true on day two we heard that the group of well arms criminal attacked the Caritas Luxembourg organization when they were going for their assessment activities in Ngarich Boma. according to the statement I got from the driver he told me the criminal are 10 in number holding guns on their hands from there they stop the vehicle and start looting everything in the vehicle” Raphael explained.

 “We the authorities in Budi we have sent the organized force to follow the footmark of the criminal some of the report we have received is the footmark is facing Ikwoto county but we told the force to go up to the place where the footmark is ending up to now our forces are still on the hunt” he added.

The local official said the government is working hard to find the suspects and bring them to face the law.

Raphael is urging the public to stop attacking and looting the humanitarian and business vehicles along the roads.

Effort made to reach Caritas office in Torit for comments on the incident were unsuccessful by press time.

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