Adil declares Saturdays, compulsory cleaning

Emmanuel Adil Anthony, CES Governor-File photo

By Bida Elly David

The Governor of Central Equatoria State has declared and designated every Saturday as a day for general cleaning in all towns and parts of the State to maintain eco-system clean and safe for every citizen surrounding it.

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony made the declaration during the world environment day celebration early this week which was adjourned to happen later due to other factors.

In his remarks, the governor reiterated the need of making Central Equatoria State as a place that would be praised towards accommodating visitors and citizens who live across its parts regardless of their State of Origin.

“All citizens in Central Equatoria State are urged to consider the declaration of the cleaning mandate. They should clean their homesteads across the State every Saturday from the effect of this Month of July,” he said.

Governor Adil further issued an order burning dumping of garbage in Juba City and major towns in the State being one of the mechanisms to conserve the environment.

“I have declared an executive order, criminalizing dumping of trash in Juba and all parts and towns within Central Equatoria State. If the government and Juba city Council finds any one in that activity, there will be heavy punishment and fine for having failed to adhere to the order,” he further stated.

Adil has urged the citizens to follow the footsteps of Rwanda being the country having the cleanest city in Africa, despite the historical breakdown they had over the genocide.

Adil further directed the State security apparatus to take the lead in ensuring that the order was executed with immediate effect.

“We should imitate the government of Rwanda being the most organizers of their city that is currently leading in Africa in terms of health. Rwandan article Number 107 states that anyone who deposits, abandons or throws waste materials or pours sewage in a public or private place will be fined,” he said.

However, he directed the authority of Juba City Council under the leadership of H.W Mayor Michael Lado Allah-Jabu to take the lead in execution of the cleaning initiative.

“The security organs and the leadership of the city Council will take the lead in ensuring that Saturdays are used for general cleaning in Juba and punitive measures are imposed on those who will not adhere to the order issued in regard to dumping of the garbage along the streets,” he stressed.

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