Cardinal’s visit, not a solution to S. Sudanese problems

By Taban Henry

The visit of Secretary of State of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin is not a solution to the problems in the Country, one of the opposition party South Sudan National Movement for Change said.

Secretary for Foreign Relations of the party, Mogga Charles said the visit of Vatican Secretary of State will not solve South Sudanese problems, commenting that problems in South Sudan are in-born.

The politician said once political leaders accepted to say never again or enough is enough, there will be a solution.

He said though they bring the Pope, without South Sudanese changing their mentality there will be no lasting peace.

“The divine visit that is castrated by the Holy Spirit, if God has directed them to come to intervene into the issues of South Sudan, let us also have that heart of humanity to realize that we are wrong and say sorry, it just like the prodigal son that God lost right from the wilderness where he realized that it’s really too much,” he said.

Mr. Charles said South Sudanese leaders should realize that, they have scattered people to refugees, diaspora and others are internally displace persons.

He argued that the visit has to be honored by proofing that, we will do the right thing adding that the best right thing is implementing the provisions of the peace agreement, this will help us realize lasting peace.

“As citizens, we need to give hope for positive change to happen and there must hope that has to come from people. It’s a collective effort because this country is mashed up by us therefore we should also put it together. There are some reasons behind each and every event that had happened into the country, everyone has a case to give and nobody will remain there. Virtually I will say the country relies on the hope of the people, let us be hopeful,” the politician stressed.

He said people of this country has to be prepared, and understand the value of peace agreement. He said that it’s importance to each and every person to contributes towards the peace agreement so that all of them become partakers in the process of election.

He mentioned some priorities that needs to be met, coupled with the chapters in agreement that are not yet fulfilled in one way or the other based on financial constraints.

“Let us look into the agreement as an alternative force for sustainable peace. We will not be leaving in transitions of course there will be a last pace off for everything. For the case of South Sudan when there is a political space that is granted to the other political parties then election is the way forward because no leader will stand in power when the people have not spoken or the voice of the people is the ballot box,” he stated.

Charles however, urged South Sudanese to have hope to their leaders because in every situation people can make mistakes and this is the collective responsibility of all of us to realize lasting peace.        

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