Government institutions lack competent staff

Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro, minister of Public Service and Human Resource/Photo by Adia Jildo

By Adia Jildo

The Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development, Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro has challenged government institutions for recruiting incompetent human resources.

Bakasoro made the remarks while addressing Berberi’s Academy for training and learning in Juba yesterday. He said most government institutions have incompetent civil servants that are running offices compared to their reflected qualifications.

“So many institutions do not have capable civil servants. A lot of civil servants who have completed diploma and degree programs are unable to run the office. Finishing the University is not enough,” the minister said.

He however blamed the incompetence to government policies. He said the sudden appointments and relieves of civil servants by decree as the system brings about incompetent and incapable employees in the government sector.

“Civil servants are dismissed, and others are appointed by decree. There are no civil servants that are appointed by decree. It cannot, it should not and must not happen!” he said.

The Minister of Public Service further stated that failure to build capacity of civil servants will lead to under development in the country, as most of them will require the necessary skills to be executed in the top positions applied for.

“We are the ones diluting civil servants to become politicized. The better we manage civil servants to be capable, manageable civil servants in the country, the country will run smoothly,” he said.

However, Bakasoro has called on the government to construct learning institutions that can build the capacity of people for a competent service delivery at all levels of the government and the private sector.

“We have to begin building the institutions. When institutions are not built, then we have a laissez faire system, institution and country,” he cautioned.

Laissez faire means an attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.

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