Cardinal pleads for peace midst leaders

Secretary of state of Vatican Cardinal Pietro Paroline holding mass at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum/Photo: Bida Elly

By Adia Jildo

The Secretary of State of Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Paroline has called on South Sudan leaders and the civil population to embrace peace and ditch violence.

Cardinal Pietro addressing ecumenical mass at Dr John Garang Mausoleum, where most leaders and people of different faith gathered to listen to the word of faith.

Pietro told civil populations and their political leaders that presence of violence has long left the civil population into suffering in a country with sufficient resources.

The high priest has reminded South Sudan leaders on the call of Pope which states that there are need for the leadership of this country to take part in the reconciliation and build peace.

He called on groups and people to refrain from revenge and adhere to peace by embracing one another as Christians.

“May the Lord touch the hearts of all and in particular those who hold position of authority and great responsibility so that there will be an end to the suffering by violence and instability in that the process of peace and reconciliation may move rapidly for what we call a concrete action,” the Cardinal pleaded.

“At the same time dear friends, it does not mean becoming passive victims or being weak or silent or being in silence in the face of the violence, on the centrally, it means deserting evil, diffusing violence and resisting operations,” he said.

However, he called on the faithful to be in the light by reflecting on God for peace to reign amongst the people.

He said the faithful should follow what God says; he said that people should not regulate their relationship on the basis of habits and receive tradition, but should open themselves when they stand and abound love.

He enlightened that the need for peace as this would require extra steps and sacrifice amidst all odds.

“Brother and sisters, you are that people dwelling in the land rich in resources and possibilities but at the same time covered in darkness and over swallowed by violence, you are the people burdened by York of operation or rotten works who decide to rejoice in freedom,” he said.

He said, if South Sudanese want peace, they cannot obtain it with gold. The Cardinal further stressed that, if South Sudanese want justice, they cannot achieve it by injustice and corrupt measures.

Similarly, he stated that, if South Sudanese want reconciliation, they cannot have revenge, and if they want to serve their brothers and sisters, they cannot treat them as maids.

In addition to that, the high priest stated that if South Sudanese want to build the future of peace, then there is only one road to take and they should love one another and live as brothers and sisters.

“The true powers that triumph over evil are not like that. It is different. It’s the powers of meekness and pardon. Refusing to respond to evil from evil and thus multiplying its separate. It’s the power and strength that even if history of violence and bloodshed make us say as Christians, I am not way, I belong to the father,” he said.

“Now is the time of responsibility and concrete actions, the time to take down the walls of hatred to break the joke of every injustice and to worship, pardon and reconciliation. Let us disseminate peace in our community, learn it in our families, learn by heart, keep it in our minds, embrace it in our hearts and put it into practice in our lives day by day it can mark the beginning of a brighter,” he continued.

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