Lakes State Assembly summons Education Minister

  Rt. Hon Speaker of lakes state revitalized transitional legislative Assembly Madam Agum Jacob Chagai: photo by Yang Ater

By Yang Ater Yang

The Speaker of Lakes State Transitional Legislative Assembly Madam Agum Jacob said members of Parliament passed a motion to summon the State Minister of General Education and Instruction to appear before the August house on Monday to answer question concerning the detention of teachers.

The chairperson of standing specialize committee of education recommended to the house that the Minister be summoned to come and answer questions in regards to the detention of six teachers in the military barrack since 20th of June to date.

“On the 5th July 2022 this August house urgently formed the select committee to establish facts on the unabated misunderstandings between teachers and the top management of the Ministry of Education in regard to payment of teacher’s salaries and allowance in accordance with new salary structure circulated by the National Minister of General Education and Instructions” Speaker Agum said.

 “After the formation, the committee hurriedly went to meet the Minister and his Director General in the ministry” she added.

The committee followed its terms of reference which was to find the reasons of keeping 6 teachers under detention in the military barrack? What charges were labeled against them?, and find out whether all the teachers are paid according to the new salary structure circulated by the national Ministry? If not what are the reasons for the delay?

The State Education Minister Nelson Makoi Makur welcomed the committee in their first fact-finding mission .Makoi however appreciated the policy of separating the education budget from the State block account which he said sometimes hinder the timely payment of teachers due to bureaucracy.

In their inquiry the committee confirmed six teachers are still under detention in panda hotel military barrack but the Minister Makoi accepted that he arrested only five criminals who he said are people not currently working in education system.

The State Education Minister stated that the remaining six teachers are still being kept in custody because they (teachers) presented their petition to the parliament before discussing their salary grievances with him.

“The so called teachers attack the government accountant office in an attempt to rob the government save. Makoi labeled the detained teachers.

However after thorough analysis the committee recommended to the august house that the teachers should be released immediately without preconditions as they are in horrible condition due to lack of food and medication. The committee also called for the immediate payment of all teachers according to the new salary structures before the next salary arrears of March and April appears.

“The committee established facts and presented this precise report to the august house and therefore, the committee request the August house to deliberate on the report and possibly appropriate measures to address persistent misunderstanding between teachers and education management” Agum concluded.

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