Lakes State: Parliament ratifies customary law, public order bill

Chairperson of Standing Specialized Committee for Information
in Lakes State Assembly, Zechariah Puoric Matuong

By Yang Ater Yang         

Members of Parliament in Lakes States ‘have passed the bill on customary laws and public order which was earlier ratified by the council of ministers in its extraordinary meeting last month.

In a statement to the media, the chairperson of the committee for information in the assembly, Hon Zachariah Puoric Matuong highlighted the work of legislators.

Puoric said that they have thoroughly discussed on customary laws for twenty-one days, and it has been completed yesterday.

“For twenty-one days, and today it resulted as a passing of the customary Laws and the public order bill of 2022. Such that the laws which are passed today has been blessed by that State Assembly to sure the people of Lakes State that they have their own Laws which are guarding them,” he said.

The MP stated that what was done by the State Assembly was the will of the people of Lakes State, in order to maintain peace and stability in the State.

He said that the laws passed commented by the Stakeholders, including the sons and daughters of Lakes State during the consultation meetings in Juba and Rumbek in 2021.

The lawmaker has urged communities of Lakes State to respect the laws and orders being ratified and implemented by the State Assembly.

He said the law and order bill will protect resources, and the life of the people of Lakes States; “as the motto of our governor LT General RinTueny Mabor said Lakes First must be implemented, the official made his remarks at the assembly’s premises”.

Matuong stressed that, the laws that they have passed was not for the governor or the assembly, but for all people of Lakes States.

He said starting from civilians up to government officials, the law and order will guide everyone that is why assembly and cabinets have committed themselves to finish them on time.

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