SPLM slams parties of peace blockage

Acting SPLM Secretary General, Peter Lam Both speaks during his swearing in ceremony in Juba on Wednesday, September 9th 2021. (Photo: Presidential Press)

By Bida Elly David

The Acting Secretary General of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party has slammed some political parties amid delay in the implementation of the peace agreement stalling the country’s smooth transition to democratic elections.

Speaking to journalists at the SPLM Secretariat yesterday, Acting Secretary General Peter Lam Both blamed the snail-pace implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on some political parties who he said struggle to maintain their seats in the government.  

“The implementation of the agreement as you know has been sluggish due to uncompromising nature of some parties to the agreement, hidden political agenda and international conspiracies which have emboldened some political parties to remain intransigence” Lam slammed.

He however said despite all those conspiracies, the peace agreement is still on track.

The SPLM Acting Secretary General said most of the signatories to the peace agreement do not have interest for national elections based on their claims that nothing has yet been deliberated from the agreement, echoing that war is not the remedy for claims.

“We should know by now that most signatories to the agreement are not for elections since they said that nothing has been implemented yet they are sitting on the government seats” he echoed. “Some disown their own bill that they presided over, made their own amendment and passed with their own persuasion yet retroactively they decided to disown their brain child just because their interlocutor did not agree with them this time” Lam added.

He further stressed that for those who beat drums that peace has failed, war is not an alternative. “We came out of it and we don’t think anyone can fight by fighting’’ he noted.

Lam pointed out the registration compromise that the SPLM gave to some political parties despite failing to reach the expected number of registered members as stated in the Political Parties Act.

“Had it been the interest of the SPLM, a party should have at least 5000 members in at least 8 states and administrative areas in order to qualify to register as a national party” he said

“What is 500 Membership, to cause boycott in the parliament? Some families are 500 members in number’’. “All this is because of the constitution created by the National Constitution Amendment Committee which believed it is a law making body in South Sudan, they believe that what they proposed cannot be altered by any parliament or anyone in the government of South Sudan for that matter’’ he resounded.

The SPLM S.G. criticized some political parties over suggesting extension of the agreement without clear justification adding that SPLM shall work for peace but not war. 

“Some of the parties to the agreement are calling for the extension of the agreement without justification just to prolong the stay on underserved government seats” he said.

“We made two extensions during the pre-interim period for six months and 100 days and the international interlocutors said that there will be no elections and extension’’ Lam stressed.

“I congratulate the chairman of the SPLM Comrade Salva Kiir Mayadit President of the Republic and his colleagues in the SPLM leadership on the 11th Anniversary for the independence of our country. I equally congratulate the people of South Sudan on whose shoulders this independence was realized. It is their independence and country, they are responsible to protect and preserve it’’ he conveyed his anniversary message.

“I want to report on the independence day today, SPLM is as strong as it was yesterday due to the results of the efforts by many leaders of our party both in the National and State levels. It is now more organized, harmonious and focused’’ Lam further boasted.

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