UNMISS to support peace initiatives in Tambura

Alfred Futuyo Karaba WES Governor (L) and Deputy head of UNMISS, Mr. Guang Cong (R) addressing the media

By Alex Digi

The Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of Political Affairs for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan promised the UN’s supports for peace initiatives in  the conflict ravaged Tombura County of Western Equatoria State.

The UNMISS’ Deputy Chief, Mr. Guang Cong made the assurance during his recent visit to Tombura where he promised to support peace initiative in the area.

Over a year ago Tambura had been hit by bloody inter-communal conflict between the community of Azande and Balanda which was said to be politically motivated and fighting claimed lives of hundreds of people, thousands displaced and many properties destroyed.

During his visit to Tambura this week Mr. Guang Cong and his accompanying delegation had some engagements with the authorities both from the State and County.

“It was a very successful visit, we also visited the IDPs to show our solidarity and there has been improvement of security condition in Tambura, and for UNMISS our priority areas for the few months we shall be focusing on key main areas first strengthen the capacity of the local peace committee in Tambura, the second one is to support dialogue and reconciliation processes between the Azande and Balanda Community” said Guang Cong.

The UMISS Deputy Chief said they will also launch community various production programs targeting more than 200 youth in Tambura area so that they can learn vocational skills to make a living at large successful.

Meanwhile the Governor of Western Equatoria State Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba welcomed the support from UNMISS citing that the State government wouldn’t allow such insecurity to happen in the State.

“The Team went to Tambura to observe the issue of the conflict in Tambura so they came to my office so we gave them go ahead and they are free to do what they want whether training, workshops or anything they are free to do, so that they can bring those two or three communities together to discuss issue of peace” said Governor Futuyo.

He said as government of the State they are for peace because currently for 7 months they have been in peace and there is no any insecurity.

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