City Council to pave roads despite criticism

Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, City Council Mayor-Photo Bida Elly

By Bida Elly David

The authority of Juba City Council has vowed to continue carrying their infrastructure exercise despite criticisms and hitches against their work to transform the city into a sustainable and a healthy environment for better living.

This came following critics from some citizens who became victims to demolition after most of their enterprises and plots of land fell within the circumference of roads to be paved.

Recently, the authority of Juba City Council under the leadership of the mayor executed the exercise of paving more roads resulting into dislodge of residents whose plots of land extended beyond the circumference of the roads.

The victims were alerted months before the exercise to dismantle their houses or business shops that might have occupied a space meant for roads but seemingly, some citizens showed signs of objection since they claimed that the city council acted against their rights.

In an exclusive interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper over the weekend, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, the City Council mayor said that that his administration shall not hesitate carrying their road extension exercise despite the insults and mockeries by some individuals who believed they are above the law.

“As the law has rendered us powers to perform, we shall not give up in doing our work despite the insults from some people. We as city Council are very committed in our duties and responsibilities towards opening roads and making the city clean. Our mandate is to develop the city to the next level but not to work against any group of individual within our jurisdiction. Those who criticize us upon our good deeds are against development of the city. I know we have been receiving number of criticisms due to the nature of our work but all these are meant to make us strong in our duties’’ he said.

He expressed words of joy for the coming of Pope’s delegate to the country after exhausting much efforts ensuring pavement of good road for movement.

“I am really delighted to see the presence of the pope’s delegate who took his time to come and address the people of South Sudan after the Holy Father paused his coming due to medical issues. City council invested much time clearing and cleaning the roads that could access the movement of the faithful to the locations of service. You can now see how airport road looks like after we have worked tirelessly to make it work. The movement of the people to the mausoleum was easily because of the good roads we worked on’’ he said.

He urged citizens to join the city council towards transforming the city to a better city compared to other cities in the world rather than pouring blames and insults against the administration.

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