What next, after 9th July 2022 celebrations?

It is 11 years today that South Sudan is operating under the fact of self-sovereignty. For a country still so young and growing, there are many times that she has fallen. We learn through our mistakes, they say. They also say that it doesn’t matter much how many times you fall but rather; that you pick yourself up each time that you fall, – not when somebody else picks you up every time that you fall.

It is truly important to have allies, friends, sister countries that can be friendly and supportive of the country but the core benefit and growth comes when the country can make grave decisions solely like a grown and developed state. The question still lingers in the hearts of the concerned young people of this land; for how long shall our country be young, immature and dependent on another’s hand?

As this year’s independence chants remain “prosperity, success and peace and growth” the country now needs to draw plans that are going to bear tangible developmental results for the growth of the youngest country for the sake of her people.

With a great vision of a peaceful and prosperous nation, a lot of work surely needs to be done. No vision has ever been achieved by a sleeping person. “Let the sleeping dogs lie” they say and surely, they will miss out on all the good bones and yawn all night when hungry.

A country that is blessed with all beautiful natural and artificial resources but not learned on how to effectively exploit them without misusing or depleting them should personally learn on how to and have less dependence on outside experts. Be the experts – learn all there is and have knowledge. Machines can only be bought but depleted resources, no one can replace. Happy 11th year of self-sovereignty South Sudan…     

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