Boda-boda robberies on a rise, police warn

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The National Police Spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin is cautioning the public says there has been significant rise of boda-boda robberies in recent days within Juba.

The Police Spokesperson said there has been considerable cases being reported in recent days, following the aftermath of 11th anniversary of South Sudan independence which was celebrated on Saturday July 9.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin told No. 1 Citizen Daily that cases of boda-boda thefts have increased within Juba especially in areas of Jebel Kujur, and New site neighborhoods.

He said they have recorded two incidents of motorcycle robbery, where boda-boda cyclists have been shot and the attackers flee with the bike leaving the survivor wounded on the scene.

The official stated that two similar incidents happened during the independence celebration, in the areas of Jebel Kujur and New Site respectively, and the victims survived with gun wound.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin said the robbers are many, and most have not been arrested, but under follow-up as police trace their whereabout.

The police spokesperson said the two owners of the raided motorcycles are still under medication after they were shot with bullets.

“We were told that during this three days that includes today (Sunday), the robbers had robbed Bodaboda riders with their boda leaving them wounded after shooting them with bullet, one was reported in New Site while the other happened in Jebel Kujur,” Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin reported.

“We are trying our best on how to settle these issues of Bodaboda robberies,” he added.

In addition, the police spokesperson said one armed police officer left dead in Hai-Amarat suburb.

“On Sunday, a police man opened fire on the people and injured one person, the injured person was later taken to the hospital at around 2:00pm but reaching to 4:00pm the person passed on,” he said.

He said the alleged suspect was arrest, and undergoing investigation.

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