Lam faults SPLM-IO for blocking political space

Acting SPLM Secretary General, Peter Lam Both speaks during his swearing in ceremony in Juba on Wednesday, September 9th 2021. (Photo: Presidential Press)

By William Madouk Garang

The Acting Secretary General (S.G.) of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM-IG) party has accused the main rival party the Sudan people’s Liberation Moment in Opposition (SPLM-IO) for obstructing political space and denying rallies in their stronghold areas.

Peter Lam Both said since awakening mission started on March, 2022 above 4.5 million SPLM members have been registered with exception of some counties under iron grip of SPLM-IO.

The Secretary General said several army generals under SPLM-IO party who are not well informed of peace execution are refusing to allow SPLM-IG organize rallies in their own territory.

In his 11th independence anniversary message on Friday last week at SPLM Secretariat, Peter Lam Both stated that with political campaign they successfully registered a big number of members but was denied access to some areas under opposition control.   

“We have registered more than 4.5 million people, members of SPLM across States with exception of some counties where SPLM-IO commanders are not informed that we are at peace in Juba,” Both lamented.

“They denied SPLM to organize (political rallies) in those areas, even as we allowed SPLM-IO to enjoy in the areas which we control,” Both noted.

He added that though the country has not turned out to be what they inspired to become due to internal fraction, power struggle and betrayal which smirch the nation they are determined to make a U-turn.

“For that reason we have been swallowing bitter pills as SPLM in order to bring peace to our country, we have been accepting conditions which no one can accept but we must because we want to bring peace to our country,” he stated.

Last week, Acting Secretary General Peter Lam Both blamed the snail-pace implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on some political parties who he described as struggling to maintain their seats in the government. 

“The implementation of the agreement as you know has been sluggish due to uncompromising nature of some parties to the agreement, hidden political agenda and international conspiracies which have emboldened some political parties to remain intransigence” Lam criticized

Both cited that most of the signatories to the peace agreement do not have interest for national elections claiming that nothing has been done in the agreement yet they are in governing seat.

He further stressed that for those who beat drums that peace has failed, war is not an alternative. “We came out of it and we don’t think anyone can fight by fighting’’ he stated.

He said some political parties went ahead to even deny the Political Parties Bill that was passed with their persuasion adding that had it been SPLM party’s decision they would opt for five thousand.

“Had it been the interest of the SPLM, a party should have at least 5000 members in at least 8 States and Administrative Areas in order to qualify to register as a national party” Both said.

“What is 500 Membership, to cause boycott in the Parliament? Some families in South Sudan are 500 members in number,” he jokes.

However, the main rival SPLM-IO’ party under First Vice President, Dr Riek Machar is yet to comment on the matter.

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