1000 households suffering from nodding syndrome to receive aid

By Martha John Savio-Kitgum Uganda

A charity organization in Kitgum District of Ugandan, Northern Region is planning to fundraise and support 1000 households who are suffering from Nodding Syndrome in Kitgum District.

The central organizing committee under Mama Irene Gleason Charity Walk met yesterday (Tuesday) at Mama Irene Gleason premises and resolved that, a fundraising should be conducted that will target 1000 households who are diagnosed with Nodding syndrome in Kitgum District.

Speaking during the meeting, the District police chief, Mr. Mansur Aswan said it is the role of everyone willingly to come up and support the households suffering from Nodding disease syndrome.

He said the population are weak and unable to take care of themselves.

However, the Vice to Chairperson Kitgum District Mrs. Atim Kevin Joyce said it is caring to help the households during the charity walk of Mama Irene Gleason foundation.

“They undergo lots of challenges like lack of food since the care takers cannot go far distance to seek for ways of survival because when left alone some disappear from home, fall in fire, and some evil people even end up defiling them,” Joyce said.   

In addition, a Local council Of Akwang Village Mr. Oto Vincent said fighting Nodding disease has taken long time without any solution to it.   

 Meanwhile, a legislator representing Layamo main Kitgum municipality said, the nodding diseases is real and it has cost society more harm.

 Hon. Emmanuel Lapyem stated that some parents and caretakers cannot afford to cater for children suffering from the disease, hence end up abandoning them.

He said people diagnosed of nodding disease are unable to take care of themselves, and they need attentions at all times.  

The area representative said Kitgum district has 1,338 households affected by the diseases. He stated that the number included those who have died, saying that the general figure is 28000 people living with the syndrome.

He said that the aim is to target first 1000 to make the attempt in this year’s charity walk.

Nodding diseases syndrome is a mysterious diseases that had befell some regions in Uganda since 2012 and the government had worked endlessly with different health organizations both international and national but still found no solution up to date.

It is mysterious in such a way that it deforms the affected person in various ways such as, mental health, one sleeps all the time, one loses sense of feeling even when exposed to danger.

Mama Irene Gleason Charity foundation is an organization in Kitgum District that was founded by a white Lady from Australia. She opened it as an orphanage center in Kitgum since 1992, with the aim of helping the needy in Northern Uganda, but unfortunately, she passed away on 23rd July 2013.

Thus, there is always annual national memorial prayer with an aim in the form of charity walk to fundraise, and help people in need.

This year, the event will take place on 23rd July 2022 under the theme “serve with honesty and love”.

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