Authorities to hand over, 70 wounded raiders

By Ijoo Bosco

Authorities in Eastern Equatoria State are in the process to evacuate and hand over 70 wounded people apprehended while on a deadly raid in Kapoeta North County.

The State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore said the wounded people will be peacefully handed over to authorities of greater Pibor Administrative Area on humanitarian ground, as his government is coordinating the process.

The raiders are currently undertaking medication at Napak health facility in greater Kapoeta.

He disclosed that on 20th July 2022, and on 6th July 2022, a combined force from the Tennet, Buya and Murle communities carried out deadly attacks on Kapoeta North county community.

The Governor noted that, these two –times coordinated reckless attacks carried out in just a span of two weeks led to the loss of several innocent lives on both sides and 15,000 Toposa cattle were raided.

Lobong added that, five children were also abducted and seventy one people including four Buyas wounded in the attack who are currently receiving medication at a health facility in Napak.

“I sent my condolence to both families of the people who perished in these senseless attacks the government of Eastern Equatoria state is on the process of evacuating the wounded and hand them over to greater Pibor Administrative Area on humanitarian grounds,” Lobong said.

He gravely noted that, it’s unfortunate that South Sudanese continue to die in senseless conflicts for no good reason, and these coordinated attacks were done by some elites from the three communities.

”I condemn these barbaric attacks in the strongest term possible and urged the Murle, Tennet and Buya to desist from engaging in this wanton attacks and child abduction in Eastern Equatoria State” the Governor echoed.

In another tragedy incident, on Sunday 10th July 2022, alleged disgruntled cattle keepers from Jonglei abducted two people and slaughtered them in cold blood and went away with their one hundred and fifty goats in Mugali Payam of Eastern Equatoria State.

On Monday morning, July 11 2022, when the relative of the slain people were preparing to go and bury the dead bodies, a gunman stormed the funeral home and shot dead the area chief.

This killing sparked public outcry, demonstration and heighten tension in Nimule town on Monday, however the State authorities said they have immediately deployed security forces in Nimule to arrest the situation.

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