Lawmakers demand arrest of Nimule, Kapoeta perpetrators

Members of EES Parliamentary Caucus posed for a group photo after a press conference in Juba on Wednesday (Photo: Benjamin Takpiny)

By Bida Elly David

Eastern Equatoria State Parliamentarians at the National Assembly yesterday demanded for immediate investigation and apprehension of perpetrators who murdered innocent souls in cold blood, and leave many displaced.

This week, two civilians were reportedly murdered by unknown killer who were believed to have blasted into livestock raid in Mugali of Nimule.

In related incident, a chief was also shot and killed during a meeting with the community as they assembled to prepare for the burial of the two slain civilians who hailed from the same locality.

The murder of the trio that left others wounded triggered a heavy protest by the host communities reciprocating to anger.    

In a press conference held at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly yesterday, the Eastern Equatoria State parliamentary Caucus requested the high-level Security committee sent by President Salva Kiir Mayardit to reduce the rigidity between the Bor cattle herders and the host communities.

“With deepest sorrow and concern, express our condolences to all the families who lost their dear ones in these conflicts at the same note we condemn the barbaric act with the strongest terms possible,” the lawmakers said.

“We are calling on high level security committee sent by H.E. the president to de-escalate the tension between the Bor cattle herders and the host communities. They should implement fully the resolutions and the deadline given to the cattle herders to leave the areas as agreed,” they continued.

The Parliamentarians also demanded for immediate assistance from the national and State governments as well as relief organizations to aid the displaced persons.

They reiterated major need of supporting the State government by the national government towards addressing such impeding tragedies.

“The national and the State governments as well as other humanitarian agencies should urgently assist the displaced persons at the scenes of the conflicts. The national government should immediately support the governments of the Central and Eastern Equatoria States in addressing and curbing the sporadic violence and conflicts that is currently taking place,” they said.

However, the lawmakers representing the Eastern Equatoria constituency at the national assembly requested the Bor herders alongside with their families to be evacuate with immediate effect.

“All Bor cattle herders and their families should be completely taken out of all parts of Eastern and Central Equatoria State and we urge the national and the State governments to conduct an immediate and unhindered investigations for all the heinous crimes especially the incidents of Nimule, Kapoeta North, Ngangalla and Ikwotos and the culprits should be arrested and arraigned in the court of law,” the parliamentarians further stated.

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