Adil warns parents, men abusing young girls

Emmanuel Adil Anthony CES Governor-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The Governor of Central Equatoria State has cautioned parents over auctioning their daughters for pre-matured marriages exempting them from attaining their education at a premature age.

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony made the statement amid rampant cases of giving out young girls by their parents for marriages at an early age when they should focus and attain their studies without prejudice.

Speaking to parents and youth recently, Governor Adil said that most girls have been forced for nuptials at an early age and they become mothers as they abandon education.

He said the culture of using young girls to meet parent’s financial demand is one way to ruin their destiny from accomplishing their mission of prosperity.

Adil stated that exempting young girls from their rights depend upon dictation.

Mr. Governor cautioned young men who use their financial powers to defile young girls before reaching stage of their maturity is a tendency of satisfying feelings on young girls at a lower age is a crime according to the law.

He declared punitive measures to be imposed on any man who shall defile any young girl, and parents who tempered to auction their daughters to generate wealth quickly.

“I need to assure all of you that these young girls are not meant to be sold or auctioned” he warned. “They have destiny and ambitions for their future. I am warning you to abstain sending these young girls for early marriages but rather modify them with encouraging words to enable them develop the potential of learning,” the governor said.

He has authorized the security organs to take serious measures against parents who shall not abide by the warning as well as young men who confuses and convinces young girls to accept their proposal.

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