Kitgum ends interschool athletic competition, YY Okot Memorial Girls emerged winner

\Mayor Kitgum Municipality Mr. Ojara Richard Okwera delivers congratulatory message to the winners (Photo: Martha John Savio)

By Martha John Savio/Kitgum Uganda

A two-day inter-secondary school athletic competition in Kitgum District ended yesterday, morning; a single girl school, YY Okot Memorial Girls Secondary School emerged the champion with 198 marks that put them in position one, and Reverent Jabuloni Memorial College Isoke came second with 118 marks.

The schools which participated in the competition were both mixed and single, and YY Okot Memorial Girls SS and St Bhakita were the only single girls’ schools in the competition.

Meanwhile, Kitgum Comprehensive College which is the main campus was in position 3 with 67 marks, Kitgum High School in position 4 with 59 marks, Alliance College with leveled in position 5 with only 51 marks.

In addition, Kitgum Standard High had only 46 marks appeared in 6, Daniel Comboni Omiya Anyima School in position with just 21 marks given position 7., Comprehensive College Pager Sub Branch Campus in position 8 with barely 15 marks.

Once more, St. Bahkita girls’ school 9 position with 13 marks, St. Janani Loum in position 10 with 9 marks, Amida Seeds Secondary School had just 2 marks and it appeared 11th position, Town College in 12 position with 3 marks, and Green Light Academy in position 13, Orom and St. Anenilia SS all in position 14.

The second result presentation was for boys, where Comprehensive College main campus that get 140 marks appeared in position 1 among boys.

However, Kitgum Standard got 90 marks in position 2, Kitgum High School earned 86 marks and took position 3; while Jabuloni Memorial College Isoke got 68 marks grabbed position 4, and Alliance College which is in position 5 got 56 marks.

Nevertheless, Comprehensive College Pager Sub Branch Campus which their girls did not perform very well managed to get 55 marks and took position 6, where Town College with 46 marks appeared in position 7.

Daniel Comboni Omiya Anyima school had 47 marks and it was in position 8, Janani Loum got 20 marks seized position 9, Green Light Acedemy with only 3 marks came in position 10 shared same marks with St Anenilia and Amida Seeds Secondary School.

Finally, Orom Secondary school which seemed did not participated were given 0 points and in position 12.

The Chairperson of Kitgum District, Mr. Arwai Christopher Obol said he is disappointed that sports and games activity had been neglected in the district.

Mr. Obol called on Kitgum district teachers association to work jointly to revive the lost glory of games and sports, saying it is an important activity for mental and health fitness particularly when for young children, the tender age group.

However, the District Chairperson has promised that his office will mobilize resources and support cocurricular activities in the district to embrace national team.

In addition, the Mayor of Kitgum Municipality Mr. Ojara Richard Okwera called on teachers and parents to properly motivate students and uplift sports.

He called for discipline among the players, saying they should not lower their performance in carrying out their activities.

The District Mayor in his congratulatory message to the winners, he assured that 60%, a percentage of 4 million gate fees collection entrance will be given out to support games activities, training and other required needs before going for the national games.

Meanwhile, the representative of Kitgum District teachers’ association who decline to mention his name said, the best performers will be selected from different schools to form a national team and after two weeks they will be taken to Boroboro College in Lira City, where National Athletic competition will be held.

He said that for the past 3 years, Kitgum district have been the champion in the national games, and always qualified to go and play at international level, which has lifted Kitgum district and helped in rehabilitation of Kitgum district Bomah Ground Field.

However, the teacher’s representative said that they are always faced with numerous challenges like inadequate fund to train and feed players at a required level.

He further said, they were also faced with the challenge of transportation, professional medical personnel for the team to treat players at the time of first aids. He appealed to the district officials to try their best and mobilized financial resource to motivate players.

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