Islamic leader calls Muslims to boost faith

By Martha John Savio-Kitgum Uganda

Islamic religious leaders in Kitgum District of Uganda’s Northern region are calling on the Muslims community to effectively preach and spread Islamic faith and word of Allah without fear.

Panddowng Cell Aswan Mosque leader, Ustaz Mr.Sadik Okello told this reporter via phone, Friday morning that he would exert all efforts needed to boost Islamic faith in the region by soliciting fund and build more Mosques in different locations of Kitgum where Muslims community exist but lack Mosques.

“For easy outreach to the Muslims in terms of preaching, instructing the young ones about their faith and carrying any other activities as a Muslim rather than assembling at Imams’ home’s which is not convenient at times” Ustaz Sadik said.

He said there are six (6) Mosques in total within Kitgum District located in the center of the town main one at the town center near Kitgum Bus park, one at Lolojo adjacent to Lolojo market, one in Pandwong division Awich Road, another at Lamola village in Kitgum, one at Acholic Bur Pader District and one at Orom Sub county Kitgum District.

Ustaz Sadik said with the limited number of Mosques there are about 1000 Muslims left out in small community that cannot reach to all those places for instance community of Kitgum Matidi,Awach Paicho in Gulu City to mentioned but a few.

He further urged the Muslims to be hard working people by carrying out businesses, participate in agricultural activities, and appealed to them not to gamble which he said is a useless kind of living.

Ustaz Sadik Okello stressed that the effects of Covid-19 had greatly left loopholes in people’s lives and as a result some have broken marriages, due to loss of jobs coupled with sky rocketing prices of commodity in the market.

The Islamic leader however encouraged the Muslims to be strong amidst those temptations citing that in the Koran 2: 25  it’s written down that’s “Allah will make you to be fearful, sad and happy but one should share even the little things with others since the world’s items perished or one perish before the world’s items”.

He further appealed to the general public to be wise enough and analyze the increase of market commodities as an alarm to call for strength and hard work to path way for the next coming years.

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