Activist faults police over murder of trader in Gudele

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director CEPO-File photo

By Bida Elly David

Civil Society activist has blamed the police and the security officers for having shot bullets against innocent traders leaving one dead on cold blood instead of apprehending him for violations of law as demanded.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Edmund Yakani the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization faulted the police department for shooting guns against civilians terming it an act out of mandate and senses of irresponsibility.

He has urged the authority concern to critically investigate those officers involved in shooting the guns against the traders leaving the young man dead on cold blood demanding them to be held accountable.

“The authorities have no right to claim lives of anybody or shoot live bullets in such situation where they were supposed to arrest and detain the traders for investigation. I strongly blame the police and those officers involved in shooting bullets against civilians who have been struggling for their daily means and needs. Those who did the act should be held accountable with immediate effect. What the police did was out of their mandate and sense of irresponsibility’’ he said.

Furthermore Yakani underscored that the police as an authority has got the right to apprehend any civilian who might have violated the law than claiming lives by shooting. He said that the police have been failing to oversee and address many incidences in the country, namely; the Nimule, Ngangala and now Haboba market tragedies.

“What happened is that the police has totally failed in their duties. Recently civilians were killed in Nimule and nothing was done. The incident in Ngangala happened and all went in vain and now to traders in the market. The law enforcement agency should impose the culture of discipline and civil respect within the forces to have the rule of law and by this, the country will be in a better place’’ he said.

Furthermore, Yakani also urged traders in Kubri-Haboba market not to occupy spaces in the middle of roads as market centers. He reiterated a need to distance their businesses to avoid risk of car accidents and many others.

“I am calling on my traders to avoid selling in the middle of the road or bridge to mitigate risks such as accidents that would cause injuries and death to them. They should locate themselves where their customers will get access to buy their goods’’ he added.

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