State health boss raises alarm over drugs theft

WES Minister of Health James Abdullahi Arona (Photo File)

By Matia Samuel Timatio

Authorities in Western Equatoria State have warned the county health officials against theft of drugs.

They directed security officials to firmly deal with any loss or misappropriation of drugs at public health facilities.

Western Equatoria State Minister of Health, James Abdullahi  Arona told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in a phone interview that the authorities will arrest any county health official who misappropriates drugs consignments meant for the community.

He revealed that the state had received drugs supplies from Health Pooled Fund on 5th of July 2022, which were distributed to all the 10 counties of the state.

“We are happy that our health partners (Health Pooled Fund) have supplied us with the drugs then our fear is that on 29th of this month they will hand over the facilities to the State Ministry of Health and we are still engaging with other partners but the result is not yet positive and we are also requesting the National Ministry of Health to work hard with other donors to support the Ministry of health” Abdullahi said.

“Currently the health situation is not badly off but we want the county health departments in each county to work hard to keep the drugs properly so that it can help the community for time being and this time the health committee members comprised of eleven in each county are responsible to monitor the behaviours of the staffs in the facility so that they use  the drugs properly” adding,   “there are some security personnel on the ground to monitor because the drug is for the public so any misappropriation or mishandling of the must be reported” the State Health Minister said.

Minister Abdullahi lauded the support accorded to the state hospital including provision of electricity and water supplies following the intervention by some partners such as ICAP and UNHCR.

He said his ministry has further embarked on a capacity building programme that seeks to improve the relations between patients and health care workers.

In June this year, the State health authorities in Western Equatoria State raised an alarm a deteriorating healthcare services in the state. They cited lack of drugs, electricity and water supply in the state’s main health facilities as a major hindrance to service provision in the area.

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