Torit leaders vouch for peace

Torit Mayor, Aye Joseph Oswaha, speaks to the media (Photo: Ijoo Bosco)

By Ijoo Bosco

Community leaders in Torit town of Eastern Equatoria State embarked on a mission to promote peace and reconciliation in the area.

They say the approach will deescalate tensions and violent confrontations witnessed in the area over the recent past. The move also seeks to reduce targeted killings and insecurity in the town.

Torit Municipal Council Mayor Aye Joseph Oswaha told a gathering of more than 48 community leaders that they have a responsibility to preach peace in the town.

He said the leaders should take a lead in reducing unnecessary rampant insecurity incidences in Torit town and its neighbouring suburbs.

Mayor Oswaha called on youth and traditional leaders to join hands in the campaigns and cooperate with the government in the search for a lasting peace in the town.

“Today is a very big day for Torit, security of Torit is a collective responsibility for all not only the government, chiefs and community leaders and the youth but also for women plus all the people,” he said.

The Mayor asked residents to cooperate with security personnel in the area to arrest the situation.

The Mayor revealed that more than five houses were touched down by unknown criminals in Hai-Slak (one of the residential areas in Torit) over the weekend.

The Mayor condemned the recent acts of killing in the area and called on the citizens not to take the law into their hands.

Meanwhile, Dinka Bor community leader in Torit town has denounced recent series of targeted killings in the town by unidentified criminals.

Mr. Kur Anyak Madol called on the citizens to live harmoniously and support security officers to rid the town of criminals.

“I am here talking about series of killings at night. Let us live in peace, we need to live together and promote peace” Joseph said.

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