Expired goods, drugs seized in Yei

Yei River County Commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus during a press conference in his office (Photo: Innocent James)

By Innocent James

A number of expired goods and human drugs have been seized from shops in Yei town, authorities have confirmed.

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, the Commissioner of Yei River County said yesterday that some unscrupulous traders have been selling contraband goods and expired drugs to unsuspecting and innocent residents.

He said the expired drugs and goods were netted from shelves of shops and drug stores during a major crackdown mounted by authorities yesterday.

The multi-agency team was drawn from organized forces, local administration and county authorities.

Cyrus said expired consumable goods including spices, maize flour and soft drinks were confiscated from shelves.

“The expired goods are very dangerous to human health. Some of them are poisonous and can be very lethal. I have been talking about ‘Sawa-Sawa’ drinks. We recently discovered that it can be very dangerous and can kill human beings in two years’ time,” he said.

The commissioner said some of the expired goods are smuggled into the market through illegal routes to avoid inspection by authorities. They include maize flour, Maji, Royco and expired human drugs.

He said the government will not relent in its resolve to protect the lives of its citizens.

 “If we can rescue the lives of people living in Yei that means we rescue both the citizens of South Sudan most especially women who smoke local drugs known as Sisha,” he disclosed.

Separately, John Wani Ladu, the Senior Public Prosecutor Attorney, said a tip off from members of the public regarding sale of expired maize flour prompted authorities to mount the crackdown.

“At first yesterday some expired maize flour was discovered and health officials were called in to check if the flour could affect human health,” Ladu said.

Juma Ismail, a health inspector said a section of local women have been complaining of stomach complications whenever they consume a certain brand of maize flour imported from a neighboring country.

She lauded the county’s authorities for mounting the crackdown following a series of complaints by residents.

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