Nyandeng weighs in on Nile water controversy

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior weighed in on the Nile water management jigsaw.

Yesterday, Nyandeng stated that South Sudan is not ready to be dragged to court or have grudges with any members of the Nile Basin or the international partners.

Nyandeng said South Sudan is not solely responsible for the Nile Water resource but rather they are only part of it.

She added that it means for South Sudan to decide anything concerning the Nile water resources development they should first discuss it with the other Member States of the Nile Basin.

The Vice President’s assertion came as a result of the public debate on matters, concerning the White Nile water management in which plans were underway for the dredging of the River Naam.

Speaking to the Media, Nyandeng said that “South Sudan just found a rope hanging and then ‘we go and hung ourselves’, we don’t need to be taken to court by member states of the Nile basin, we are not ready for that, this is my opinion, and I stand with the people who said that debate has to be given a chance,” Nyandeng urged.

“South Sudan is not responsible for the Nile water. We are part of it, we are part of the Nile basin and we need to consult with it, we need to have a healthy debate also as leadership of the Nile basins and then now the decision will come” she said.

However, Nyandeng said that South Sudan’s Sudd Wetland is an asset to the people of South Sudan if reserved.

“The issue of the wetland is a big issue it’s an asset for the country, and by the way that wetland is not being protected only by the people of South Sudan, but by UNESCO, they are the ones responsible for that,” she revealed.

“South Sudan went and found where the bee is making its own honey and then went and put their hand on it without protection, this is what we {South Sudanese} are doing because this thing is being protected by International Laws and we should not be seen to be doing what will bring grudges to South Sudan, we are already wounded and we don’t want to be injured again” she said.

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