Suspected armed criminals arrested in Kapoeta

Kapoeta South Mayor. Elia Lokuda –photo Courtesy

By Ijoo Bosco

Nine suspected armed criminals have been arrested in Kapoeta Municipality.

The group is believed to be behind the recent spate of break-ins in shops, robberies and nigh attacks.

Elia Lokuda, the Mayor of Kapoeta Municipality, said the suspects, seven male and two women were nabbed in a joint operation conducted by a multi-agency force.

Sources confirmed that the suspected criminals were well armed with AK47 guns and 30 rounds of ammunitions.

Lokuda said some stolen items were recovered from the suspects during the crackdown. They include; cooking oil, sugar, utensils and house hold goods. Authorities believe the items could have been stolen from Kapoeta South town.

“They were arrested as they threatened a businessman at gunpoint in Kapoeta town on Sunday night. The robbers were well armed with guns, their gang leader is believed to be a former solder. It seems they were enticed by the urge to make quick money through robberies,” he said.

Lokuda said the suspects were apprehended at the local prison facility to allow investigations into the incident.

“The gang that has been disturbing us in the market, breaking into shops. Now have evidence collected during the arrest,” Lokuda said.

The Mayor said the gang has over the past few months terrorized residents of Kapoeta South and Kapoeta town in night attacks.

He said the criminals have been using vehicles to escape as well as ferrying the stolen items.

“They steal large quantities of goods, earlier in the week they took over 40 litters of oil from a businessman before we caught up with them,” Lokuda said.

He further assured residents of the municipality that security patrols will remain intensified to ensure any suspects are arrested to face the full force of the law.

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