Authorities team up to crack down crooks

Michael Lado, Juba City Mayor/File photo

By Bida Elly David

The authorities of Juba City Council together with Juba County Commissioner have agreed to crackdown criminal activities in Juba County and make a market set-up to reduce overcrowding and mitigate road occupancy for commercial activities.

This came during a meeting between the City Council Mayor and the Commissioner of Juba County yesterday in regards to the alarming insecurity in most areas and suburbs that have been impeding lives of most citizens in Central Equatoria State especially in Juba.

Recently, citizens raised series of concerns regarding a number of night attacks and killings by group of crooks leading to loss of many lives of innocent inhabitants living around areas without proper security.

They said the very group of crooks went on chopping people into smaller pieces dumping their bodies along roads and bushes.

Speaking to No.1Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Charles Joseph Wani the Commissioner of Juba County reiterated a need for a joint team to ensure that such criminal activities in most areas of Central Equatoria State are mitigated.

He said the City Council, Juba County and Central Equatoria State Security organs have showed efforts to jointly work towards putting an end to the random attacks, beating and killing of people at night in Juba as well as conduct a joint operation to apprehend those who will be occupying roads for commercial services.

“We have registered and known number of reports concerning the continuous humiliation of citizens in the County. We have cases of night attacks, killing and beating of people as well as chopping of people into smaller pieces and noticed that these practices are alarming,” said Wani “I as the commissioner of Juba County jointly with the Mayor and the security organs in Central Equatoria State are going to work together to ensure that such practices are brought to an end. We are going to arrest those who believe they are above the law” he added.

The Juba County Commissioner also underscored challenges that have been impeding the market and warned people to abstain from practicing commercial services along the road leaving the main market which is the main scope for trading services.

His Worship, Michael Lado Allah Jabu the Juba City Mayor revealed out strategies they are laying to conduct in areas to search criminals, apprehend and imprison them.

He pointed out the suburbs of Lologo, Nyakuron, Gudele and Munuki among many other areas that require joint efforts of the security personnel.

“We had a meeting with the commissioner of Juba County to join hands to join forces to carry a general exercise of bringing calm in areas hindered by these group of crooks who chop people day and night,” Mayor Allah-Jabu said. “We are going to give them heavy work after apprehension such that they reform. Lologo two, Munuki, Gudele and Nyakuron have been Centers of such activities but we shall deal with them” he promised.

The Juba City Mayor further stated that they have conducted a community outreach at Nyakuron West and met some of the youth in regards to transformation and the meeting was positive towards implementation.

“We last week went for a community outreach regarding the alarming cases of insecurity. We met some of the youth and reached into consensus. They promised to reform and become people to develop themselves,” he cited.

“We are going to arrest those who will not refrain from their act and put them in prison or take them to work for the community” he underlined.    

Charles Joseph Wani, Juba County commissioner/File photo

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