Missing S. Sudanese girl in Egypt found alive

Lino Garang Mayen the father of the missing girl and a Juba based Arabic Journalist (photo: courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

A 15-year-old South Sudanese girl and a daughter to a South Sudanese journalist who went missing in Egypt on Tuesday has been found yesterday unconscious due to strong chemical substance she was injected with.

Lino Garang Mayen, a father to the young girl who is identified as Jackline, confirmed that the girl was found after 8-hours of search and believed to be kidnaped by Cairo’s notorious gang – “human organs dealers”.

He said the girl is still in comatose which the doctors suspected it to be due to anesthetic- ingredients she was intoxicated with, while medical check-ups are still being done to determine her health situation.

“The girl was found 8 hours later, in a place called 6-October in Egypt but she can’t speak which we suspect to be due to strong chemical she was injected with,” said Mayen who is a South Sudanese Journalist. 

“I thank God that my daughter was found, even though she couldn’t speak because she was drugged, she was hurried to the hospital for some medical checkups as well as police procedures” he added.

According to Mayen, the incident happened on Tuesday 19th July, 2022 when the girl escorted by her younger brother got in express-train (Metro) at 6 PM to go and buy something from Market.

“They were on Metro (Train), when someone came and injected the girl with chemical making her to pass out immediately when her young brother saw that he started screaming my sister is drugged,” Mayen narrated.

“The train stopped and people came trying to arrest him unfortunately he escaped but some of his team was left inside when people start to alight down one by one. So, they alighted and throw the unconscious girl into the car and escaped,” he added.

He stressed that since the small boy was the only South Sudanese among the Egyptian no one could help until he found his way back home and reported the matter to his family.

Mayen is a Juba based Arabic Journalist and his family is currently staying in Egypt.

On Tuesday evening Lino, posted on his Facebook page appealing for assistance from friends, family and both the South Sudan Embassy in Egypt and the Egyptian Government to help him find the way about of his missing daughter.

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