Lady caught planting unknown substance at chief justice home Kitgum Uganda

By Martha John Savio

A lady by the names of Abalo Lilian from Agago district imprisoned for 8 month prison in Patong reprimanded by the Grade One magistrate after being caught last night around 12:00pm at the ancestral home of Uganda chief justice Owiny Dolo Chigamoi Alphonse planting unknown substance contain in a bottle under a tree in the compound.

After long integration by the home guards, “she confessed that she is a widow  sister in-law of the family and some unknown boy who she failed to mention the name had instructed her to plant the substance at the chiefs home with an intentions of getting reed of the chief justice”.

This made the community of Kitgum district and Agago district authorities so shocked and cautioned the community and family members to be fair to one another saying, “only God has the authority of people’s lives and not any one be miss led by any political affiliation with bad interest of harming any one and hope to gain any thing as a reward for the authority will deal with them until when the truth comes out”.

In response the district residence commissioner Kitgum District Mr. Komakec William said there is no way one can carry out evil act without being notified in this universe and gave a proverb in Acholi that, “Kadi I buru ki Maroni te pii put ceng moo bi kati woko.”Meaning in short even if you’re with your mother-in-law under the water,one day the truth will eventually come up.

Mr. Komakeck William adds that it has come to be concluded that most of the government officials are being murdered than a natural death.

Living a lot of questions and lamentation to get people of northern Uganda.

Maj. Gen.Paul Lokech from Pader district felt from home in Kampala from a plastic chair while searching for his medal that was on his table an hour later from work he was instructed to bring his gold medal for a group photo un fortunately on reaching home he found that the medal was miss placed by unknown person which was a mystery who could have placed it on top of a cardboard yet he had left it on the table which is still a mystery to the people of northern Uganda. 

Just early this Year, Uganda had buried her Right Hon. Speaker Mr. Olanya Jacob Lokori.  

Mention but a few the list is endless. 

We could not access the captions.

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